Now mummy of two

Since my last blog entry i have managed to conceive, carry and give birth to another beautiful baby girl who is now two weeks old. Having a three year old and a newborn certainly has its challenges as well as perks. This is what i have discovered so far.

Challenge one: Miss attitude thinks the baby is ‘hers’ and throws many tantrums when i have to stop her from trying to play ‘mum’. I’m such a horrible mum for not letting our three year old  attend to her baby sister on your own when she is screaming, or change her nappy by herself, or paint her finger nails; the list goes on!

Challenge two: butting heads with hubby ( our three year old, not me)! My husband was home for a week and i swear rather than him being of help i spent most of the time refereeing. I found it easier to deal with my daughters behavour once he was back at work.

Challenge three: Not enough hands! So a good example of this was when i was feeding baby, the phone rang and i then had my three year old screaming “wipe my bum Mum”.
Also her constant need for my attention is very hard to give; i did expect this and know it’s completely normal; hubby on the other hand just thinks she is being a brat! We Mum’s are much better at multitasking and despite it being super bad for my posture; i have resorted to feeding whilst sitting on the floor or at the table to engage with Miss Three (even when hubby is home and could be playing with her).

Perks: Although Miss Three is at the age of asserting independence but is still learning to chanel her emotions in ways that are rational; she has been somewhat helpful.  When i don’t have a free set of hands she is able to fetch a nappy, open the door or pass me something that i can not reach. She really does adore her sister, which is beautiful to see. Oh how cute; and i quote; just now she said “i love my baby sister!”.

Having a newborn the second time around is deffinately easier than having a three year old; and that comes from a kindergarten teacher. I’m very competent at teaching more than 20 three to four year old children at once; however being a parent is VERY different and much more difficult!

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A productive day ‘off’

This morning started out with turning off my alarm set for 5.30 and then waking at 7.30 with my toddler sprawled across our bed almost pushing me over the side. I only have a vague recollection of carrying her into our room and my husband going upstairs to sleep. Yes another one of those things I thought I’d never do…however one soon lets go of preconceived ideals out of pure desperation for sleep! I had been doing very well with my new routine of getting up early to fit in exercise and a shower before Ella woke each morning…however today; well it just wasn’t going to happen.

To be honest I enjoyed the lay in with my baby; and had planned to attend a  yoga class this morning anyway, so I didn’t spin out about missing my morning exercise. That was until Ella decided to act like a typical trying two year old, funny about that right!. Lets just say that may  have been the calm before the storm. Everything was a drama as I attempted to get Ella ready for day care…right up until we were in the car driving to the centre when she said ‘ I sorry, I was being silly this morning ‘. To which I felt extremely guilty; I am usually quite patient  but this morning…well I did get cross. Of course I told her I loved her numerous  times hoping she’d  remember that rather than me getting grumpy.

Yoga…perfect timing… I usually go once a week of an evening when my husband is home, but find it hard to make any other session time. Just by chance I saw a different yoga class advertise, 9.30 Friday mornings…perfect as Ella is at day care and I don’t start work until 11am each fortnight. Yes that means that on the alternate Friday I have a ‘day off’; which really means catching up on house work, paying bills and doing all those mundane tasks that are put in the ‘do later’ basket! Today one task was calling centrelink, after being on hold for 40 minutes  i was directed to the website self service page. It was a little frustrating, however i am grateful its done now though. I do often wonder how other people manage with these services; given I as an educated person finds it confusing. Anyway i could go on about being the only under 50 year old at yoga this morning and about Ella describing that my husband smelt like ‘dog poo’ but I’ll leave it there. Sleep is calling after a productive day ‘off’

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I love you and i love the time when you are asleep

Ok so im now sitting on the couch eating beetroot dip and wholegrain sakatas reflecting on the day that was. Pretty ironic since thats the exact food combo i craved when pregnant with our cheeky toddler.
And yes I’ve finally taken the plunge to start a blog :).

So the last two hours have involved many attempts to get our two yr old to bed. Our beautiful Ella pulled out all the stops…
‘Mum i need my other teddy’…
‘Daddy i want a kiss’…
‘Mummy i scared… there is a crick (cricket) in my room, see its on my roof!’…
‘i dont want THAT blanket’ and the list goes on.

Finally she is asleep…after ‘camping’ at her door for 40 minutes! Dont get me wrong,  i love our girl more than anything but wow i love when she sleeps. I have come to learn that adult time is CRUCIAL in order to stay sain! As is a sense of humour 😄. And i tell you what…despite frustration tonight as we battled bed time, our cheeky monkey still managed to say and do the cutest things.

I have to admit prior to the bed time antics; i had returned home after teaching a class of three year old children to my darling girl who i was so happy to see. My greeting was somewhat unexpected… no cuddle. No kiss. Instead Ella demanded a ‘biscuit…please’ and when i said no began to hit me! Oh yes i may be an early childhood teacher…but kids will be kids. And at two years of age, no adult can pop the egocentric bubble in which they live.